Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jury Duty: Never Again! (Part 2)

What’d I tell you?

The tipstaff, the fellow who leads the jury in and out of the courtroom, overheard one of our jurors today recite the woes she was experiencing with missing work and finding caregivers for her three single-digit-aged kids and wondering if she was going to have to do it again on Monday as well as tomorrow.

He chimed in with a story of a jury that had occupied that very room. Their deliberation lasted well into one Friday evening, and they were thinking they might be there all night. The judge sent word that if they didn’t reach a verdict before 10 pm, they would have to return on Monday. Then, with a cat-that-just-ate-the-bird smile, the tipstaff added, “They were done within half an hour.”

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