Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flak from Both Sides

I think I know how the fellow who wanted to see the last king strangled with the entrails of the last priest felt. I've realized that unless I'm right about the wars overseas and the War on Drugs at home, I'm on the bad sides of both God and the devil.

I found myself asking what makes people think that George H. W. Bush, Mr. New World Order himself, put the New World Order on hold when Saddam invaded Kuwait. Or was the Coalition of the Willing a step in the New World Order's direction? And if the latter, is God on the side of the New World Order? Or did they just have a common purpose that was so important that God decided to call a truce for those few weeks so he and the New World Order could deal with a common enemy? And if he didn't call a truce, why did almost no Bible-believing Christians oppose that war? Do you know any who opposed Desert Storm then, or have second thoughts about it now, for that matter?

I know I didn't oppose it then and I know personally almost no evangelical or Reformed Christians who wish now they had opposed it then. So I have to conclude either that I wasn't listening to the Holy Spirit then or that I'm not listening now. If God through the church considers Desert Storm a good thing and I oppose it now, and if the devil is behind the New World Order and I oppose that, then I've got no friends on the other side of the Styx.

The same is true, of course, of subsequent wars. Did Bill Clinton put the New World Order on hold when he put US soldiers under the command of the United Nations for the operation in Kosovo? I have a good (Republican!) friend who says that "we [were] the good guys" there because people who otherwise would have died in the internecene fighting were able to find refuge in the US. Or was that operation undertaken primarily to strengthen the New World Order by giving legitimacy to the United Nations?

Is the War on Drugs really supposed to protect us from all those nasty substances? Or is its true purpose to get us used to arbitrary searches, checkpoints, government intervention in our personal lives—basically the absence of freedom Christians used to attribute to the Mark of the Beast? I find it interesting that the same Christians who made Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins rich(er?) by buying the Left Behind series, a look at life in the Beast's omnipresent police state, think nothing of enlisting and encouraging others to enlist in the New World Order's military or the police who will enforce the surveillance and regimentation that's coming our way (think "click it or ticket").

I got the idea for this post because I was wondering where in the world I could go to avoid being implanted with an RFID chip, and I remembered that there are supernaturalists who oppose the New World Order. You won't find them in the Orient, or in Europe, or in the hotbeds of the New Age. And, as I've just said, you won't find them in Reformed or evangelical circles, where it is actually considered "God's call" (I heard this during a congregational prayer) to serve the New World Order (well, OK, it was Uncle Sam's army, but the two are almost synonymous).

No, you'll find them in the Islamic Crescent.

Now I'm really depressed. I have been outnumbered at home by females since 1985. Women outnumber men at my office. I like women, don't get me wrong, but the idea of being outnumbered 72 to 1 for the rest of eternity, even by nymphomaniac virgins, is not my idea of fun.

It's enough to make a guy scared of dying.

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