Sunday, August 24, 2014

What Should American Christians Do?

I recently (well, OK, not so recently) received an excerpt from this link in an e-mail from a friend. ISIS (now the Islamic State) was boasting that they would "raise the flag of Allah in the White House." My friend asked in the body of the e-mail, "What should American Christians do?"

Here's my reply:

I've been predicting for years that God will judge our nation not only for our sexual immorality but for our militarism. It is Uncle Sam who armed ISIS.

By bombing Nagasaki after Japan had made overtures for peace -- dropping the bomb on the Catholic cathedral there during Mass -- Uncle Sam did in a day what the Japanese had been trying to do for centuries: get rid of Christians. (I realize we don't believe the Catholic "gospel" to be authentic Christianity, but it was all the Christianity that was there for centuries, and those people suffered horrible persecutions.)

Christians (again, Catholic tradition, but still bearing the holy name) in Iraq and Syria had been living in an uneasy truce with Muslims for over a millennium. Now that they've been "helped" by Uncle Sam, they're being slaughtered and run out. Are the survivors likely to turn to the Calvinist Christ as a result?

"As you have given to others, so it will be given to you, a full measure, pressed down and shaken together." US Christians pretty much annihilated the original inhabitants of North America, and we're now trying to take over the world. God is not mocked. What we have sown we will reap.

What should American Christians do? Mr. Ellis doesn't answer, so I will: Repent! Repent of your damnable nationalism and militarism. Repent of your reliance on uniforms and lethal weapons and lawyers and legislation to save the world. Repent of your self-righteousness. Repent of your desire to micromanage everyone's life. And, while you're at it, repent of your sexual immorality. Give money to missions, not breweries and vintners (I'm guilty here), cable TV companies, athletic teams, and online music streams. Pray not only for those in power, pray against them when they violate biblical standards. Develop a biblical theology of political life that goes beyond Romans 13 and includes the Sermon on the Mount. Educate your children at home. Get jobs only in the "private sector."

And pray for our persecuted brothers, especially those experiencing blowback from our sins.

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