Saturday, December 20, 2014

Good Words, and from a Conservative, No Less (4)

My interlocutor's response to this email.
Not all who do evil in the world do it because violence has been done against them. Sometimes they do it because of ideology. For me this evil is ideologically driven and is indiscriminately perpetrated against all who disagree with them, whether Americans, Europeans, Australians, Africans, and even their own fellow countrymen (including children) who don't hold to their unique views. The idea that all of the bloodshed perpetrated by this like-minded group is the direct result of America's sins does not hold up. The idea that if America just stops acting violently then everyone will get along seems naive to me in light of the fact that violence against those who do not share the views of this group is built into their world view. There is no negotiating with an ideology that has at its core the idea that Christians and Jews must be subdued/eliminated and that makes conversion to Christ an offense punishable by death. The idea of a free society in which everyone gets to practice his or her own religion without fear and repression is not in their vocabulary. I could not practice my faith in their country, but they are free to practice theirs here. That says something to me. That is worth defending. At least it is to me. And those who would seek to do away with this way of life (because that is their goal) should be resisted and defeated. 

The golden rule is a way of life, it is not a peace-making technique. Frankly if I were beheading children because they believed in Christ, I should expect the civil authorities to execute justice upon me - to do unto me as I have done unto others. There are good guys in the world. There are those who are more righteous than others, those who stand for what is good and right. To put everyone in the same boat so that no one ever has the right to hold someone else accountable is very cynical. Whether you like it or not God has given the sword to the civil authorities for a reason, and it's not for the purpose of pursuing biblical peacemaking. Yes the authorities can use that sword in wrong ways, and when that happens they must be held accountable. The answer to the abuse of power is not to take all power away from government, but to put people in positions of power who hold to what is good, and right, and true. The alternative is to just give license to those who want to take away from me my freedom to serve Christ (and also my life). But that's not right. It is not just. It does not comply with the rule of the King of kings, and so it is the obligation of earthly governments to do something about it. And if they don't they will have to answer to Christ who gave them the sword for the very purpose of protecting and defending the righteous.

We are talking here about an ideology that is not only anti-freedom, but anti-Christian. It is not that it just has ideas that are different from America and from Christianity, it has ideas that would mean the end of America and Christianity. Those who have the power and rightful authority of the sword should not allow this to propagate. It is a dangerous and threatening ideology that needs to be forcefully repressed. The horse and mule must be controlled by bit and bridle. Regrettably the U.S. did not exercise enough force in shaping the governments established in these countries once their secular dictators were toppled. It gave the religious groups that were previously held at bay by harsh and authoritarian rule to now flourish and to seize power. The result is that Christians are worse off now than they were under the dictators. The genie needs to be put back in the bottle. These people don't want a free society - a society in which there is freedom for Christians and Jews. And so it should not be left up to them to decide in some sort of "democratic" process. People should not be allowed to democratically choose evil.  Instead a free society should be demanded of them and if necessary, imposed upon them. But because of political correctness and hand-wringing over past sins, I don't think that the U.S. government has the will to do what it would actually take to reverse things, and that is something that will continue to haunt us as a nation for a long time to come.

I actually think that if the back of this ideology is broken - if its adherents can be shown that the god in whom they trust is actually weak and ineffective, unable to save them and unable to accomplish his purposes in this world, that they will be more inclined to turn to the true and living God. So, no, I don't see that biblical peacemaking is what is called for here. That would be casting pearls before swine. Those who would practice it would be laughed at and would lose their heads, and no peace would be gained for their trouble, and no one would be drawn to Christ. It is time for just governments to call upon the true God for help, and then to use the sword to suppress real evil, to defend the righteous, and to demand unconditional surrender. And if little ones get dashed upon the rocks in the process, well that is the price that is paid for defying the living God. I pray that God would raise up godly and fearless leaders who are willing to do what needs to be done in these perilous times.

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