Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Quill Pig Actually Does Something Useful

The Quill Pig and his wife will be going to Cameroon for three weeks tomorrow. You can follow their adventures on whitneysincameroon.wordpress.com. Don't forget to subscribe so you get the news as soon as it hits the cloud. For that matter, be sure to subscribe to this here blog. Page views are ever so encouraging!


  1. Let me offer you something more encouraging than a page view. I came across your blog several years ago when you commented on a Tom Woods article, I think. I had been researching the possibility of reconciling Christianity and libertarianism. Since then, I have become a Christian AC. I've read every blog post since you started it, and frequently visit to see if you've posted anything new. I loved your recent post about Ezra and the theft funded worship. I think almost all of the Old Testament, especially Judges through Chronicles, could use a "rewrite" from the standard of the law of love. From experience, it can be disheartening when it seems you are alone, advocating for justice, peace and love in a wasteland of christian statists.

    In short, this trip is not you doing something useful for a change. You have been useful in many ways. God has used his people to enact His plan in ways that they don't understand or are even aware of. We know that he uses the evil of the state in the same way. All things work together for good. Take courage, Brother, as you have often given me.

    Have a great trip, and God bless.

    - Brad

    1. I can't type much when I'm fighting back tears. I needed this more than you can guess. Thank you so much for writing, Brad!